...three levels of digital 3D models for your ortho cases...



Our most economical option. Models are scanned, but not processed. They are stored on our servers until needed, at which time they can be fully processed.

Our study models are unique in that they are embedded within an interactive PDF file. This means that there is never any need to install additional software to view your models. All viewing, manipulation, and measurement taking can be done through the standard Adobe Reader which comes preinstalled on most computers.

Our PDF study models are not only useful for treatment planning, but can also be used as a unique marketing tool. Because they require no additional software to view and use, they can easily be emailed to patients, allowing them to track their orthodontic progress.


Any basic or storage model can be upgraded at any time by paying the difference in price.

Digital Conversions

Is your office piling up with boxes of old hard-plaster study models? Are you paying for a space to store all of those old cases? We can help! We can convert your plaster study models into new 3D digital models and store them for you or download them to your office computer.
# of Cases Price per Case
1-499 $9.99
500-1499 $7.99
1500+ $6.99

Double Occlusal View $4.99

Are you a dentist that is participating in Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS)? We can create a double occlusal view for use with the POS software. This .tif image complies with all necessary requirements and shows double occlusal, right lateral, and left lateral views in a 1:1 ratio.