Terms & Conditions.


At Digital Dental Storage Solution we are here to make our customers happy. We will do our best to complete every order as quickly, professionally, and with as much digital care as possible. DDS Solution respects and seeks to protect the privacy of our customers, business partners, employees, and job applicants. Any personal information provided by these parties will be kept private. We will comply with HIPPA regulations as a partner with our Doctor’s offices.


We depend on our doctor’s offices accuracy in the ordering/prescription process. The doctor’s office will be held responsible for accurate shipping, billing, and order information. DDS Solution will not be held responsible for errors due to doctor office input.


Billing for services rendered will be made on a monthly basis. Payment in full must be made before next billing statement is sent. We accept business or personal checks. Any returned checks will be charged applicable bank charges plus $25. Failure to pay will result in suspension of work on all cases.


Any errors, delays, or damaged impressions will be noted and your office will be contacted. Remember that alginate impressions do change dimension if not poured quickly. See our FAQ page for related info.

The following conditions have been summarized from the Terms and Conditions of the USPS. More detailed information can be found here: USPS Terms and Conditions

USPS will not be liable for: Delayed Shipments, Circumstances beyond their control, Consequential damages. See more detail at USPS Terms and Conditions

Any cases resembling Dracula, Bigfoot, Michael Strahan, or my redneck Uncle Charlie are purely coincidental.